“The timing of my work with Milt could not have been better in my development as a leader to the extent it was in conjunction with my promotion to Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. Early on, Milt helped me to recognize that everything I did from this position sent a message which has increased my sensitivity to be certain that the messages I send are aligned with my values, the organizational objectives, and with our efforts to support cultural change. And, my work with Milt greatly contributed to the fact that I exceeded performance of our key performance indicators agreed to by my leaders during my first year on the new job! I have also grown significantly in my awareness of executive presence and the impact in the workplace and beyond. Milt has also supported me in the overall development of my executive team through his observations and recommendations of how we work together. Additionally, Milt has supported me to appropriately interpret the impact of culture on my leadership challenges and how to modify my style for maximum impact.” BTS, Vice President, The Boeing Company

“I first became a client of Great Minds Coaching when I was an engineering manager with a global manufacturing company. As a direct result of our work together, I moved from that position to a VP position with a major aerospace corporation. Milt’s extensive Human Resource background with a Fortune 500 company afforded him a larger toolbox of experiences, resources, and knowledge to work with than most. Milt is an exceptional coach! He listens well and is not opinionated. He adjusts to “the moment” – actively listening to me so I always get what I need, but he is also willing to test my reasoning, challenge my motivation and inspire me to go further. I have grown in my appreciation and understanding of the impact of culture in an organization, and my ability to manage cultural challenges has increased significantly. My work with Milt expertly positioned me to excel in my new role.” Leslie Kilgore, Vice President of Engineering, Daimler Corporation
“Milt Fletcher has served as my Executive Coach for the past several years, and has supported my growth through several levels of leadership.  Through my work with Milt I have better come to appreciate the quote that “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There!”  As a result my leadership abilities have increased commensurate with the increase in the level of the positions to which I have been assigned.  In my former position, Milt worked directly with my team to  support them to identify their “why,” which significantly increased the teams’ morale and their focus on organizational objectives.  Most recently Milt worked with me and my current team to help us determine who we needed to be and what we needed to do to provide the overall support the leaders of our organization require in their efforts to lead both organizational and cultural change.  Through my work with Milt my ability to lead my team to provide the development required by our leaders to not only transform the organization from its 1st century of growth, but to sustain the organization in its 2nd century of existence has been greatly enhanced. As a result of being coached by Milt, I definitely have an increased appreciation for coaching and am inspired to be a true servant leader.” Towanna Tindall, The Boeing Company

“I engaged Milt to work as part of a coaching team on a leadership development project for community leaders in Louisiana. I’ve found Milt to be a coach who is bold, insightful, passionate, flexible, and humble. As a result, Milt establishes trusting, forthright relationships with his clients and consistently helps them to achieve significant growth, both as people and as leaders.” Leslie Williams, President, Leadershift Consulting

 “I highly recommend the services of Great Minds Coaching. I have had the pleasure of working with Milt since 2012. I can honestly say that I have evolved both professionally and personally as a result of being coached by Milt. His method is organic. He does not hold my hand but supports me to develop my own solutions: solutions that develop my leadership skills and consistently challenges me just beyond the edge of my comfort zone which has been a key element of my becoming a truly effective leader.

My coaching sessions with Milt involve issues ranging from personal development, workplace challenges, navigating sensitive issues and negotiating better opportunities for myself. Over the course of time I have been coached by Milt, my salary has increased 23% which has been the result of Milt consistently coaching me on navigating challenges, continuing my education beyond the workplace and developing my perseverance. All these traits were recognized by past and current employers which have lead to better opportunities for me and my career.” Matteo P., Property Manager, Etkin LLC

“Being a skilled, highly trained, and experienced business professional, Mr. Fletcher’s strength as a career and leadership coach emanates from his ability to couple those attributes with attentive and empathetic listening. His ability to bring such qualities to the coaching process allows Mr. Fletcher to craft substantive, individualized support tailored in response to the needs of the individual and his/her circumstances. Milt’s style empowers clients by helping them develop impactful tools of continual self-discernment along with philosophical constructs that encourage translating personal discovery into meaningful action.” Donovan Hudson, Administrative Law Judge, Louisiana Workforce Commission

“It is both my honor and pleasure to recommend Milt Fletcher as both a Career and Leadership Coach. He supported me as my coach during a critical time in my career and greatly assisted me in further development of my leadership skills. In working with Milt I clearly identified my strengths, developed strategies, to maximize my use of them, and uncovered several opportunities to redefine situations in a way that supported both my short-term and long-term leadership objectives. It is hard to imagine what I would have done in this new executive position without the support coaching with Milt afforded me.” Kathy Soupis, Clinical Administration, Oakwood General Hospital

“I began coaching with Milt in order to develop a greater sense of urgency in my personal and professional direction as well as create a clearer perspective of how I would achieve my goals and maintain accountability for reaching those goals. Unlike other experiences, Milt has a unique ability to personalize the experience and tailor every detail of the coaching process to the individual’s needs allowing for paradigm shifts to genuinely occur and produce real results. Milt always challenged me to grow beyond and go further and did so with convenience to my needs.  As a result of our time together, I experienced various paradigm shifts, inward reflections and personal accountability that allowed me to reduce my personal debt more than 40%, develop momentum and drive necessary to acquire a promotion within a highly competitive organization and enhanced my emotional intelligence through exercises that were tailored to my specific developmental request.  I would not hesitate to recommend Milt to others nor would I hesitate to use his services for myself in the future!” Charles Cobb, Operations Supervisor, U.S. Social Security Administration

“As a result of Milt’s coaching I no longer just work ‘in my business’ but now I consistently work ‘on my business’ as well.  He has helped me get out of the weeds and focus on strategies that are resulting in higher sales and income growth!! E. Kennedy Brandon, CPA, Managing Member, KC Consulting, LLC